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Unit Tests

Unit tests can be run using make check (via cargo test).

External Kola Tests

External Kola tests can be found in the tests/kola/ directory.

server Tests

The tests/kola/server/ test directory contains tests that require access to a mock Cincinnati server. This test directory contains a Fedora CoreOS config that does the following:

  • creates a /var/www/ directory
  • sets up an HTTP server at localhost listening on port 80 serving files from the /var/www/ directory
  • configures Zincati to use localhost as its Cincinnati base URL
  • adds a systemd dropin to set Zincati’s journal log verbosity to max (-vvvv)

Tests place mock release graphs in /var/www/ for Zincati to fetch.

Running the Tests

A built Fedora CoreOS image is required; it is recommended to use the CoreOS Assembler’s build-fast command for faster iteration.

To run the tests, specify the path to your Zincati project directory and which tests to run using kola run’s -E option.

Example (run all tests):

kola run --qemu-image fastbuild-fedora-coreos-zincati-qemu.qcow2 -E /path/to/zincati/ 'ext.zincati.*'

Example (run only the server tests):

kola run --qemu-image fastbuild-fedora-coreos-zincati-qemu.qcow2 -E /path/to/zincati/ 'ext.zincati.server.*'

Adding Tests

Refer to kola external tests’ README for instructions on adding additional tests