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coreos-installer install


Install Fedora CoreOS or RHEL CoreOS


coreos-installer install [options] device


deviceDestination device


–stream, -s nameFedora CoreOS stream
–image-url, -u URLManually specify the image URL
–image-file, -f pathManually specify a local image file
–ignition-file, -i pathEmbed an Ignition config from a file
–ignition-url, -I URLEmbed an Ignition config from a URL
–ignition-hash digestDigest (type-value) of the Ignition config
–platform, -p nameOverride the Ignition platform ID
–append-karg arg1,arg2,…Append default kernel arg
–delete-karg arg1,arg2,…Delete default kernel arg
–copy-network, -nCopy network config from install environment
–network-dir pathFor use with -n [default: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/]
–save-partlabel lx,…Save partitions with this label glob
–save-partindex id,…Save partitions with this number or range
–offlineForce offline installation
–insecureSkip signature verification
–insecure-ignitionAllow Ignition URL without HTTPS or hash
–stream-base-url URLBase URL for Fedora CoreOS stream metadata
–architecture nameTarget CPU architecture [default: x86_64]
–preserve-on-errorDon’t clear partition table on error