VMware Netplan guestinfo metadata

The network environment can vary between VMware servers and instead of leaking these requirements into userdata snippets, a well-known guestinfo metadata field can be used. The guestinfo metadata field is OS-independent and supported by cloud-init (spec here, example here) and Afterburn. When the OS supports this mechanism the user can provide Netplan configs which the OS renders using the backend of choice.

Specifying the guestinfo metadata

The guestinfo keys are named guestinfo.metadata for the content and guestinfo.metadata.encoding to specify the encoding of the content. The value of the encoding field can be empty to indicate raw string data, or one of base64 or b64 to indicate an base64 encoding, or one of gzip+base64 or gz+b64 to indicate base64-encoded gzip data.

An example for raw string data is the following:

  version: 2
        name: ens*
      dhcp4: yes

The supported config format with examples can be found in the Netplan specification.